Colours of Russia 747

Russia Day Celebrations

Serbian Cultural Centre, 7837 Canada Way, Burnaby

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The Colours Group Artists presents "Colours of Russia 747", an expanded 35 minute presentation based on Michael Hockney's photographs.

The photographer will be on-hand at the venue from 12 noon on June 26th to meet the public and answer questions.

RCCA Announcement

Dear Friends!

We are pleased to welcome you to the Serbian Cultural Centre on June 26, 2010 where "Russia Day" celebration will take place.
Throughout the day, different fun events and activities such as: live performances, sports contests, children games and entertainment, arts and crafts fair,Russian cultural exhibitions, local business fair will take place. Don’t forget about delicious Russian cuisine which will also be offered throughout the day.

Highlight of this year’s event will be an exhibition by Canadian photographer Michael Hockney (The Colours Group)of an independent production “Colours of Russia” – a unique portal to the modern sophistication and vitality that is Russia today.

"Colours of Russia is a benchmark production designed to herald a new era of understanding of modern Russia through representative imagery not usually presented in the popular foreign mass media. Itar-Tass has recognized Colours of Russia for its importance as an artistic and unbiased representation of modern Russia.

Colours of Russia began in 2007 as a foundation study photo-documentary and was shot by Canadian photographer Michael Hockney in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Over 15,000 images were collated and this became the principal resource and foundation for the Colours of Russia Production."

We are excited to announce that this year’s event will all also feature performances, featuring DJ Maxim Palgov and Valery Melnik.

Doors open at noon. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there! Tickets are at the door.


Дорогие друзья!

Мы Рады приветствовать Вас в Сербском центре 26го Июня, где пройдёт праздник “День России”.
В течение дня будут проводиться массу мероприятий, концертные программы, русские народные выступления, детские программы, выставки, русская кухня, развлекательные программы для всех возрастов, выставка бизнесов.

Пользуясь случаем, хотим отметить, что в этом году большим событием праздника будет выступление "молодёжной программы" с участием Максима Пальговa и Валерия Мельника.

Открытие дверей с 1200.

Mилости просим дорогие Друзья!

Colours of Russia 747 at Russia DAY celebrations

Colours of Russia director Michael Hockney attended the June 26th Russia Day celebrations at The Serbianl Centre in Burnaby Vancouver at the invitation of The Russian Canadian Cultural Association.

"It was an honour to be invited to attend The Russia Day celebrations as a Canadian sharing the same passion and respect for Russia and Russian culture. Colours of Russia did its bit to show Canadians the vitality of modern Russia and to augment a wonderful day of fine programmes and events. I very much look forward to next year and encourage Canadians to engage this fine organisation and the talented hard-working people behind it."

Michael Hockney